Why wear toe spreaders?

Why wear toe spreaders?

I've been getting a lot of questions on Instagram with people asking what exactly toe spreaders do, where to buy them and why they should be wearing them - this blog post should clarify a lot of those questions and also give some guidance on how to use them for people who have purchased them. 

What they do

To put it simply, toe spreaders spread out your toes. Most modern shoes compress the front of our feet and squish our toes together. After enough time spent in narrow footwear the foot starts to change shape and develop a deformity to adapt itself to the shape of your footwear. These deformities not only look strange, they can have some serious effects on foot function resulting in pain and problems down the road. 

Just like the fingers on our hands don't touch each other when relaxed, our toes should have spacing in between them (like the foot on the left pictured above). As our feet start to look like the shoes we put them in, the toes compress against each other and in some even start to overlap. This change in toe alignment, especially of the big toe is what creates bunions for many.

When the big toe drifts towards the rest of your toes, the powerful flexor tendon now starts to pull it more and more inwards which bows the first metatarsal further and further out causing worsening bunions over time

The Solution? Restore optimal toe alignment with toe spreaders


Restore your toe alignment, improve your balance, improve your gait and help prevent knee and back issues that result from upstream compensations related to your feet and big toe not functioning properly



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I have hammer toe in my pinky toe from many years of irish dancing. How will this be affected? Also, irish dance shoes are very tight and I’m not sure I will be able to wear these inside of the shoes. Is there a specific period of time I should wear the wild toes after dance class?


Feet are our contact with the earth.
Since becoming two legged mammals/ moving upright ,it is the most important point of contact with the earth we have.
Proper footwear and different aids can be very beneficial to us.

Charis Fygetakis

Hello there,
I really like your product. I’m a yoga teacher based in Ireland and I’ve recently had an idea that stems from a personal need. I can see a possibility for us to colaborate in creating a product that will be of help to anybody wanting to be more grounded and connected in their yoga practice or in general. I know this might sound a bit out there but your page came up just as I figured out what the product would look like and its application. Just sending this out as a wee rocket to see if it lands and causes a spark.
Contact me at bluemontbreshia.com if you feel like you should.
Hope alls well with you.



Yeah I really agree with this as toe separators help fix your toes and their health/ strengths. As i was doing more research on this i found this amazing product that helped me out a lot, if you want to try it out too here is the link, – https://amzn.to/2q97mbc .This isn’t only for female but for anyone as I am a male and this product was extremely useful!


Thank you, Nick, for sharing the valuable information, please suggest where we found lower-priced products?


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