TFC Educator Portal

Hey everyone - Congrats on being selected into the new TFC educator program and welcome to the educator's portal. This page will serve as your resource for information about the program and a place to access the description of your role as a TFC educator.

I (Nick) will be the only one updating this section of the website so it's a direct method of communication between me and the educator team. For now the page serves as 1-way communication but you can always reach me by email at with any questions and ill make it a priority to respond to you folks (put EDUCATOR in the subject line).

The page isn't private but with no public link its basically only accessible by the educator team and we ask that you please keep it confidential.

The Educator program will evolve and change as time passes but this gives us a start. Below is our current description of the role our educator team will play and the perks involved as of right now: 


TFC Educator Role

-Help spread foot health awareness and educate people about the value of barefoot footwear along with how to transition optimally from traditional footwear

-Get involved with content creation within TFC platforms

-Inform people of the TFC website and Instagram platforms as a resource to learn about their feet and restore optimal function

-Provide friends/family/clients/patients with a discount code to which gives them 10% off any purchase of $100 or more to help get them into barefoot shoes for even cheaper


The Perks

-Its not all about selling shoes but for now its our only way of tracking your contribution to company revenue and helps determine how much swag/discounts TFC can afford to send you. Your discount code allows us to track how many pairs of barefoot shoes you have helped us get people into and lets us share the profits by sending you swag packs and generous footwear discounts. 

Initial reward schedule (based on the total number of times your discount code has been used to purchase a pair of shoes from

15: A pair of shoes at cost and 10 free pairs of toe spreaders (to either sell or give away), 250 personalized "TFC Educator" cards with your name and discount code written on them.

30: Free pair of shoes, 15 pack of toe spreaders, TFC educator swag (hat, shirt)

....more reward levels included as higher numbers are reached


TFC Content contributions

-As the company grows my role will transition from primary content creator to content curator with the educator team creating a lot of the content and me moderating the posts and also putting out requests for potential topics/series.

-Every time TFC posts content you have created you will be given full credit with your personal social media coordinates written in the first sentence of the post. 

-Simply tag TFC in a post you think would do well on the TFC social media platform - can be anything (foot exercise, something cool related to feet, an educational post or anything that embodies barefoot health or lifestyle).

-Our eventual goal is to pay educators a small amount for each post they contribute that makes it onto the TFC Instagram account or website blog. 



Look forward to working with everyone and evolving the program as time passes. Always open to ideas or suggestions.