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Earth Runners - Children's Minimalist Sandal. Unisex (grey style lace)

Earth Runners - Children's Minimalist Sandal. Unisex (grey style lace)

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Children's footwear will either weaken or strengthen a child's impressionable and growing feet. We are excited to offer minimalist sandals for kids which promote healthy foot development and preserve inherent functions. Complete with conductive earthing laces, our children's sandals encourage nature connection and provide your little ones with the best of barefoot–both physically and electrically.

  • Easy to slip on and off
  • Flexible and zero drop

Sole Options:

  1. 8mm Vibram® Outsole w/ Black Rubber Top
  2. 9mm Vibram® Outsole w/ Earth-Grip footbed (+$10)
    • Heavy Duty Cotton Canvas
    • Small Batch, Low Impact Dye
    • Los Angeles Dye House
    • GOTS Certified Dye

Laces:  Grounded Conductive Lifestyle Laces

  • 5/8” Nylon Webbing
  • 3/8" Mil-Spec Nylon Reinforcement (lined)
  • Conductive Stainless Steel Thread
  • Copper Ground Plug

*NOTE* The Grey laces are a thinner width (1/2") in comparison to the other lifestyle laces (5/8"). The 1/2" laces are best suited for smaller feet or people who are sensitive to a toe post between their first and second toe.

Weight: 3.5-3.9 oz (single sandal, Children's size 3)

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