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Foot Restoration Kit - Cork Ball

Foot Restoration Kit - Cork Ball

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The TFC Foot Restoration Kit contains everything you need to fix your feet and restore them to a painfree, strong, healthy state.

Each kit includes a foot mobility cork ball and a pair of Wild Toes (one size fits all).

For more information about Wild Toes click the link below.

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Customer Reviews

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Robert Scanlan
Foot Exploration Kit Review

I recently purchased the Foot Exploration Kit which includes: Wild Toes, Mobility Ball & Hacky
In the short time that I have been using these items I am beginning to experience improvements.
At nearly 80 years of age I began to become increasingly concerned about deterioration in my sense of balance and alignment of my toes. Both the Wild Toes and Mobility Ball are helping me to improve balance, movement of my toes and to assist in realigning the toes. The Hacky is still a challenge and I still haven't progressed to where I am able to pick items up with my toes. I am Hopeful that with continued exercises this should become possible.

Amanda Erlank

Wild Toes [Toe Spacers + Resistance Band]

Laurie Broderick-Burr
Wild Toes Review

I love the Wild Toes. They are comfortable, they stay in place, they flex and move enough without slipping. They are great. I've now purchased two pair for family and friends and I suggest these toe spacers to all my private clients and students.

I am a tad bit disappointed that my first pair broke/split at the loop that encircles the big toe. I thought they would last longer.

donna kirk

Foot Restoration Kit - Cork Ball

Deborah Hibble
Foot love

The toe Spacers have really helped my balance and I enjoy using the ball and rollers, it helps make me more aware of my feet and I feel very grounded, thank you,I have bought several pairs for family members too