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Leguano Kosmo. Unisex (grey)

Leguano Kosmo. Unisex (grey)

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Well prepared for the cold season!

This barefoot lace-up boot is warmly lined, water-repellent, easy to pull-on and vegan!

Leguano's ultra-comfortable all-rounder fits all winter outfits. The LIFOLIT ® sole provides an ideal grip even in snow and slippery conditions . Their barefoot shoes offer a lot of freedom of movement and very good ground contact. This allows the foot muscles to work well, blood circulation is stimulated and feet stay warm.


  • Please use a Waterproof protectant spray before your first wear.
  • Repeat regularly, as the waterproof effectiveness can diminish over time.
  • Clean your boots with a soft damp cloth without any cleaning agents.