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Pair of [12"] TFC Elevate Beam legs

Pair of [12"] TFC Elevate Beam legs

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**Only available to those who have purchased a TFC Elevate Beam 

Includes a pair of [12"] TFC Elevate aluminum legs which can be used to elevate one or both sides of your beam.

This is to create an incline/decline angle or to elevate both side equally. This creates a large array of possibilities depending on your choice of beam length and leg length.

Powder coated in TFC green to give a durable and wear resistant finish

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Denis DesRosiers
Simple, High Quality Tool

I am very pleased with the build quality of this balance beam. It's a simple tool with many benefits. The grip on the pro version is very helpful especially in a hot environment.
After months of use, I have noticed a significant improvement in my balance. It also helps build/train all the stabilizing muscles that help me maintain proper running gait which helps keep injuries at bay.
This is my second balance beam. I bought this smaller one for when I travel. I spent a month away from home last summer and I really missed my 4 foot beam.

Cork cradles are perfect for a DIY beam

These cork cradles are perfect for my 2inch diameter DIY steel beam that I picked up from a local metal recycling place, sanded and painted purple! YAY!

Joline Haché
Love it

It’s not only a great foot exercise but it’s really fun! I look forward to using it everyday, and the videos that come with it help a lot.

Markus Kalantzis

TFC Classic Beam with Cradles

Works well

I got a 2" dia. hardwood dowel from the store and these cradles work perfectly with it. The online training that came free with the cradles is very instructive and helpful. I get on my beam daily and it has distinctly improved my balance and functional strength at the hips, knees and ankles.