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Pair of [18"] TFC Elevate Beam Legs

Pair of [18"] TFC Elevate Beam Legs

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**Only available to those who have purchased a TFC Elevate Beam 

Includes a pair of [18"] TFC Elevate aluminum legs which can be used to elevate one or both sides of your beam.

This is to create an incline/decline angle or to elevate both side equally. This creates a large array of possibilities depending on your choice of beam length and leg length.

Powder coated paint to give a durable and wear resistant finish


Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Cork cradles are perfect for a DIY beam

These cork cradles are perfect for my 2inch diameter DIY steel beam that I picked up from a local metal recycling place, sanded and painted purple! YAY!

Joline Haché
Love it

It’s not only a great foot exercise but it’s really fun! I look forward to using it everyday, and the videos that come with it help a lot.

Markus Kalantzis

TFC Classic Beam with Cradles

Works well

I got a 2" dia. hardwood dowel from the store and these cradles work perfectly with it. The online training that came free with the cradles is very instructive and helpful. I get on my beam daily and it has distinctly improved my balance and functional strength at the hips, knees and ankles.

Lynda E.
Cradles and beam

Wonderful products…. Feet… toes… knees…. hips… legs… get a wonderful work out. Improves your balance and all over strength! Love your work and passion for health and helping us with our ageing bodies!
Cheers Lynda