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TFC Classic [HONEYBEAM] with Cradles

TFC Classic [HONEYBEAM] with Cradles

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Our newest special edition beam: The [HONEYBEAM]

We all know humans are having a negative impact on our planet but one thing many don't know is the importance of pollinators as a keystone species of ecosystems. Honeybees play a huge role that goes largely unnoticed but they pollinate 3/4 of the plants that produce 90% of the worlds food. 

Bee populations are suffering a serious decline and we want to do our part to help the bees at our new natural experience center in Luskville Falls, Quebec by installing a hive and repopulating a meadow with flowering plants that can sustain a thriving bee community. 

All profits from Honeybeams will be put towards "Project Bee" starting in spring 2021. That includes purchasing a hive, acquiring bees, ongoing maintenance and planting. The more Honeybeams purchased, the larger we will expand project bee and we're grateful for your support. 

The [HONEYBEAM] comes in our smallest size to date (12") which is perfect as a personal beam for home or to use at the office. 


- Single beam of your chosen size. Proudly made in Canada and powdercoated in our new Honeybeam yellow

- A pair of Cork Classic Cradles

- Purchase includes access to our beam training system.


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Sherry Kearney
Thank you!

Everything was timely and arrived in great condition.

Will order from your store again.