TFC Classic Maple Wood Beam with Cradles

  • $85.00

Introducing "The Maple" - our first ECO series beam and our most affordable balance beam to date. Proudly made in Canada using high quality Canadian grown maple hardwood. 

Great as a compact beam for home, the office or to travel with. Includes a pair of cork cradles and access to our current basic software (database of movements and tasks to play with). 

**Note: rubber cradles and sweaty feet may leave marks and smudging on the wood finish but this can be sanded down if you don't like the look (we actually like seeing the signs of use because its the evidence of physical and mental practice)

For free videos on movement challenges to get you started on the beam click HERE

For access to our detailed movement database with over 50 movement challenges (new content added weekly) you can become a member of Beam Tribe by clicking HERE

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