The Sleep Workshop - Ottawa, December 21, 2019

The Sleep Workshop - Ottawa, December 21, 2019

Location: Will be held in the TFC Dojo in Ottawa, located at 3771 Spratt Rd. Unit #4 within Optimize Physiotherapy & Sport Medicine.


Date: Saturday December 21, 2019.

Time: Registration opens at 12:30 pm and the workshop runs from 1pm - 3:30pm

Cost: $125 CAD plus tax

Price covers entry to the event and a flowsheet to follow along with and take notes.


Topics we cover:

- Why we sleep, what is sleep, types of sleep, how much sleep is enough sleep, the importance of sleep for overall health

- Physical, emotional and mental effects from sleep

- Consequences of poor sleep, benefits of quality sleep

- Obstacles to quality sleep

- Actionable tips to improve your sleep

- What is play? Why is it important? How to play more

- Partner play drills, beam play session

- Further resources to continue guiding you along your journey to improved sleep