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Wild Toes

Wild Toes

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Natural, healthy human feet have toes that spread apart and don’t touch each other.                 – we call them “Wild Toes”

Footwear as it exists today is a big problem. Shoes are designed to taper into a point at the toes which is the opposite of how are feet are shaped. The widest part of a babies foot is the tip of their toes and this should also be the widest part of adult human feet. When you spend time in shoes that taper into a point, your feet start to adopt that shape and before you know it you have bunions that are getting out of control.

TFC Wild toes are a simple, affordable accessory that you can use to reclaim optimal toe alignment. Think of them like braces for your feet that help restore your toe alignment to its natural state.

TFC Wild Toes are made of 100% silicone and won’t irritate anyone with a latex allergy.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 167 reviews
David Goossens
Effective and comfy

I’ve only had my wild toes for a week or 2 but they’ve already helped
I look forward to coming home and wearing them

Susie Proffitt

Love them! They fit my feet perfectly.
I have wondered if you should make an extra large size for bigger people and also a smaller size for those with extremely tight toes.

Glenda Owens

Good product better than the many other toe separators that I have purchased from other stores in the past. Comfortable to wear.

Daysi Ruvalcaba
Good Blundle

I have been using the massage ball and is great. Also, I can start to see some progress during my exercises to improve my one-leg balance with the wild toes.

Sheila Fong
Great toe spacers

2nd purchase with them! (Lost one side of my first pair lolll) it matches my feet shape well and helps align my toes!!