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Xeroshoes Z-Trek II. Men's (black)

Xeroshoes Z-Trek II. Men's (black)

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From the trail to the city, on water and on land, set your feet free with Z-Trek.

The comfort of a sport sandal upper, the lightweight, barely-there feel of a packable travel sandal. This combo lets the Z-Trek do it all.


The Z-Trek is an upgrade to the popular original, now with smooth, tubular nylon straps made from rPET recycled materials. The fully adjustable strap system lets you fine tune your fit, giving you the security you love in Xero Shoes.

The 6.0 mm FeelTrue® sole gives fantastic ground feel while still protecting you from the elements, while the dual direction chevron tread provides you confident grip. All that and they still only weigh 7.2 ounces each for a men’s 9.


The Z-trek is stylish and available in multiple colors. They’ll confidently take you from jogging at the beach, to your favorite water-sport, to a stroll through town, all while enjoying the benefits of natural freedom.
Life-changing comfort and superior performance come from letting your feet do what’s natural – bend, move, flex and feel.
All Xero Shoes feature a wider, foot-shaped toe box that lets your toes spread and relax, a non-elevated “zero drop” heel for proper posture, a low-to-the-ground design for perfect balance and agility, and a flexible sole that gives you “just right” protection so you can bend, move, flex, and safely Feel the World® in total comfort.